Why to choose WordPress for your website? It has been developed as blogging platform but very quickly over the few years it has became the best platform for building websites with no limits. Read through some of the main reasons why web developers think this is your best choice.


1. WordPress is FREE software

Firstly, it is open source software platform which is free for everyone to use. You can easily download, install and amend it to fit all your business needs. It is highly flexible.  All of that and even without the subscription or registration!


2. The most popular Content Management System in the world

Secondly, it is the biggest content management system (CMS) for building websites. It is the most popular platform used by millions of people and business all around the world. Almost 39% of all the websites are build using the WordPress. And it is still growing. It offers the great support and has the largest community of web developers to support you and answer all your questions.


3. What WordPress can do?

Using this platform you can build different types of websites to suit you business needs. Whatever your idea is, the WordPress is the right choice. It is great choice for small businesses as well as large e-Commerce business corporations. Here are just examples:

  • Blogging website/News portal
  • Personal website/Portfolio
  • Business website
  • E-commerce websites
  • Booking system
  • Membership website
  • Multilingual website
  • Forum
  • eLearning Portal and many more


4. WordPress is user friendly and easy to manage

WordPress has very user-friendly admin panel which makes the website very easy to manage and update even without any prior knowledge. Through CMS you can add, edit and delete your text, images and pages as you wish. You can update your theme and plug-ins from your admin dashboard without any help from your web developer. By doing so you keep your website and data secure.


5. WordPress is secure

The WordPress is updated quite regularly which makes is it very secure platform. It is audited by large group of web developers. With the help of some of security plug-ins it will protect your website from hackers and malware attacks.


6. Search engine friendly

It is one of the SEO-friendly platform currently on the market. What does it mean? Search engine optimisation is one of the most important thing these days and search engines loves WordPress. It is essential for getting traffic to your website. Using WordPress plug-in as Yoast SEO you can simply optimise your website without going into the code and having any knowledge about SEO.


7. Mobile friendly

Mobile users represents the significant number of all Internet traffic these days. To be successful with your website it is necessary to have your website optimized for all mobile devices. If you don’t have a website build for mobile, Google simply punishes you for it. WordPress allows you to adapt your website to fit different screen sizes very easily with responsive theme. It has a wide selection of mobile responsive themes.


8. Multi-user option

In case you have a number of people working on your website and you don’t want them to access all website functionality and admin features, WordPress gives you the possibility to assign different permissions. You can limit their access to website features very well with Super Admin, Editor, Author, Subscriber and Contributor roles.


To sum up, WordPress is very popular platform for building websites. It offers a great choice of mobile ready themes and designs. Very user-friendly and manageable with no limits. Give it a try and if you need help with setting up your website, give me a shout!

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