Mobile-first indexing will be forced on all websites

People spend significantly more time on their smartphones these days. Internet usage on mobile devices has surpassed their desktop usage already in 2016. Since then Google has changed the way they have looked at desktop websites and introduced mobile-first algorithm. It has affected the website rankings in Google search and the game has changed completely.

To follow up these trends, web designers and web developers had to adapt and since then they have been focusing on mobile-first design or so called progressive enhancement. What does it mean? It means that the design starts from mobile end to be expanded to create tablet and desktop versions of the website.

If you don’t have mobile website yet, it is really the last call for you. All only desktop websites will be banned from the indexing completely. The Google is changing its game again and will be switching to mobile-indexing for all websites. It is happening whether you are ready or not.



What does it all mean for your desktop website?

It means that the content only visible on the desktop will be ignored. As well as your images and all assets from desktop only websites will be dropped. So if you have some content on desktop(comments, reviews so on) and not on mobile version it will not be indexable. It is really necessity to switch to mobile website now. The deadline is March 2021 so get ready as soon as possible.

Even if you have already your mobile version but it has less content that your desktop version, switch it to make it your primary content. If not, you can expect some traffic loss for sure.

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