Duronic AF1 Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer Multicooker – free recipe book

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The Duronic Air Fryer (AF1) is a revolutionary household fryer which uses safe, high speed, hot air circulating technology to cook your food. This process allows you to cook the same delicious food with up to 80% less fat than conventional fryers – without compromising on nutrition and flavour. It has adjustable temperature control of up to 200˚C and a cooking timer knob with auto-off function and sound indicator to let you know your food is ready. This compact cooking system provides you with a safe, odour and splatter free cooking experience in your very own kitchen. The Duronic Air Fryer (AF1) is household friendly way of frying without the use and danger of hot oil. Dishwasher safe frying drawer with a 2 litre capacity. Available in black and white.

Creates dishes such as:


Chicken Wings

Lamb Chops

Sweat corns

Spring Rolls


Spring Rolls


Fried Cod

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Soups

And even desserts!

Fixed Warranty: 2 Year (from January 2015)


  • The Duronic Jet Fryer, also known as: Air Fryer, Healthy Fryer, Mini Oven, No oil Fryer and it uses air circulating technology to cook food with little or no oil necessary. This is a healthier way to cook your food without compromising on nutrition and flavour. It’s perfect for healthy eating, organic eating, eating fresher food, vegans and vegetarian can cook their own natural food.
  • Adjustable temperature control ensures food is cooked correctly. You are always in control; you can cook food from 80°C to 200°C, helping you achieve the perfect result you aim to achieve. This air fryer will result in 80% less fat in your food compared to traditional deep fat fryers.
  • The closed cooking system provides a safe splatter free cooking experience with a cool touch exterior which means the outer body is cool whilst it’s cooking at up to 200°C inside. Your frying will now be in a safe environment without the use of litres of hot oil.
  • Dishwasher safe fry bowl and mesh basket is provided so the main parts can be cleaned easily. Compact size – easily fits on a kitchen counter and blends in with existing appliances and setting. A free cookbook packed with air frying recipes is included, including how to make chocolate fondant, homemade crisps, roasted potatoes, spicy chips and chicken wings.
  • The things the Duronic air fryer can cook is endless: Frozen chips, raw chips(with a little oil), chicken wings, nuggets, drumsticks, chicken, lamp or beef steaks, pie’s and cake (appropriate tin required), samosas and spring rolls (with a spray of oil), fish, vegetables and dessert. It also steam cooks your food and cooks many more dishes.


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