Betron S2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on Ear Earphones with Bass Driven Sound

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(as of 04/03/2018 at 14:48 UTC)


· Bluetooth functionality keeps you connected to your device for up to 33 feet

· Sound delivers attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs

· Synthetic leather ear pillows deliver high comfort for all day wear

· 10 hours battery life keeps your audio going non-stop; recharge with provided micro USB cable

· On-board mic/remote allows you to take calls and manage your music directly from the ear cup

· Lightweight design, low-profile fit, wireless freedom.

· Enjoy all-day listening to Supreme Sound while you ditch the cord.

The S2 Wireless on-ear headphones use Bluetooth functionality for on-board music control and have a built in mic, long lasting battery and comfortable ear pads.

  • Bluetooth Wireless.
  • 10-Hour Battery Life.
  • Onboard Mic/Remote.


Take the calls you want and skip songs you don’t like using the built-in Bluetooth mic and remote.


  • Features Supreme Sound technology producing precision audio for every genre.
  • With Bluetooth connection and a 10 hour battery life, you can take your playlist wherever you go.
  • Taking calls, changing the track and pairing your device is simple with the OnBoard Mic/Remote.
  • S2 Wireless headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth audio devices such as iphone, ipad, ipod, iphone, smartphones, tablets , laptops , computers
  • Cut the cord and experience true comfort. Precision audio for every genre


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